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Captain Polly - PDF pirate parrot cross stitch pattern

Captain Polly - PDF pirate parrot cross stitch pattern

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Ahoy there, daring cross-stitchers! Set sail on an epic adventure with a cross stitch pattern featuring the most notorious pirate of the seven seas – Captain Polly, the feisty parrot captain!

Each stitch tells a tale of high seas and hidden treasures, making this pattern a thrilling challenge for seasoned stitchers and an exciting escapade for beginners seeking a colorful challenge.

His flamboyant plumage, the glint in his eye, and the unmistakable air of adventure around him – all captured in bright, lively hues. Hoist the colors, and let Captain Polly guide your needle to stitching riches!

Off the tropical coast, where salty waves kiss the shores of hidden treasures, there sails a ship unlike any other: "The Feathered Revenge," under the command of Captain Polly, the feistiest parrot to ever wear a pirate hat. Captain Polly rules the seas with a squawk that can shiver timbers and a black heart full of audacity — leaving a trail of awe and fearful admiration in his wake.

Pattern Details

+ 29 DMC colors
+ Stitches: 91 x 109
+ 14 count: 6.5” x 7.8”
+ 16 count: 5.7” x 6.8”
+ 18 count: 5.1” x 6.1”

This cross stitch pattern contains full cross stitches only.

Versions Included
→ Symbols on Color PDF, BW Symbols PDF, and Colored Symbols PDF


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