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Patron of the Bird - PDF saint goose cross stitch pattern

Patron of the Bird - PDF saint goose cross stitch pattern

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Get ready to create some divine chaos with this cross stitch pattern! Drawn in the style of religious iconography, this irreverent Patron of the Bird simply does NOT care. Donned in fabulous green robes, beset with golden adornments— this venerable feathered saint is here to flip you the bird and bring a touch of divine irreverence to your stitching.

This cross stitch pattern is meticulously drawn, with many little details converging to create a majestic portrait that will hopefully also inspire a good laugh. Its complexity best suits intermediate and advanced stitchers. The stitching style, vibrant colors, and detailed motifs will keep you engaged— and the finish is more than worth the work!

In a quaint meadow where legends of avian saints are sung, there waddles a goose, donned in resplendent chartreuse robes that billow with majesty in the breeze. He turns to you. Makes eye contact. His empty jet black eyes are somehow shadowed even in the sun, and a shiver runs down your spine. Then, slowly, he raises a hand. He offers you a defiant middle finger. And in that moment, you realize: This is the Patron Saint of the Bird. And terror and awe strike your heart as you wrap your mind around the chaos that is soon to be unleashed upon the land.

Pattern Details

+ 18 DMC colors
+ Stitches: 99 x 123
+ 14 count: 7.1” x 8.8”
+ 16 count: 6.2” x 7.7”
+ 18 count: 5.5” x 6.8”

This cross stitch pattern contains full cross stitches only.

Versions Included
→ Symbols on Color PDF, BW Symbols PDF, and Colored Symbols PDF


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