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Wicked Toad - PDF toad witch Halloween cross stitch pattern

Wicked Toad - PDF toad witch Halloween cross stitch pattern

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Hold on to your cauldrons— this Wicked Toad cross-stitch pattern is here to brew up some Halloween stitching magic!

This absolutely unimpressed toad was formerly a witch, but we don't talk about that mishap. She has, however, mastered the art of grumpiness. And this pattern, bursting with bright purples, oranges, and lime greens, perfectly captures her aura – supremely grumpy, delightfully sassy, and a tad spooky!

If you're wanting to add a dash of Halloween enchantment and a whole lot of grumpy charm to your WIP list, grab your needle and floss! This is a great project for all stitching levels.

Deep within a damp, forgotten swamp, resides a toad— once a formidable witch, now a champion grump. Her croaks are more of complaints, and her warts practically vibrate with annoyance. Frankly, if she knew a spell to turn her frowns into gold, she'd probably grumble about having too much gold. Such is the life of the Wicked Toad, who has perfected the art of being perpetually perturbed.

Pattern Details

+ 18 DMC colors
+ Stitches: 41 x 73
+ 14 count: 2.9” x 5.2”
+ 16 count: 2.6” x 4.6”
+ 18 count: 2.3” x 4.1”

This cross stitch pattern contains full cross stitches only.

Versions Included
→ Symbols on Color PDF, BW Symbols PDF, and Colored Symbols PDF


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